Ecovila Coração da mata

Our structure

Conheça alguns dos espaços da nossa Ecovila!
Ecovila Coração da Mata - Chalés


There are 3 chalets, designed to make your stay comfortable and unforgettable!

Ecovila Coração da mata - Piscina Natural

Natural Swimming Pool

Não utilizamos produtos químicos. É natural mesmo!

Cozinha - Ecovila Coração da Mata

Open Kitchen

Mergulhe em uma jornada culinária de delícias vegetarianas e veganas em nossa Cozinha Aberta.

EcoVillaCoracaoDaMata 46

Sand Court

The official size for playing beach volleyball and beach tennis. It's the perfect way to have fun in the sun!


Trail and Riachinho

A trail that leads to a small stream where you can bathe.

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We are Pet Friendly

Seus amigos de quatro patas também são bem vindos à nossa casa. Eles também merecem um descanso, né?


See what you can experience here at Ecovila Coração da Mata

Bee Sanctuary

Visit the georeferencing project and rescue where stingless bees are rescued and brought back to recover in nature.


Vegetarian Cuisine

Whether you are vegetarian/vegan or enjoy the art of cooking without meat, our meals promise a delicious gastronomic experience in a warm and welcoming environment.

Ecovila Coração da Mata - Casamentos

Wedding Ceremonies

Discover the perfect destination to exchange vows and celebrate your love amidst the enchanting beauty of nature. We offer a unique and exclusive wedding experience that combines rustic charm, natural elegance and sustainable practices.

Ecovila Coração da Mata -Piquenique


An Ecovila experience in the Céu de Montanhas project, which aims to strengthen the wonderful tourism that Brumadinho has. The picnic can be done on a small mat around the Ecovillage for up to 4 people or on a table in the middle of the woods for up to 5 people.

Loja Movimento - Ecovila Coração da Mata

loja movimento

Uma loja colaborativa dentro da Ecovila, onde artistas da região expoem seus produtos na política da confiança. Você escolhe seu produto e realiza o pagamento direto para o artista.

The Coração da Mata Ecovillage

The Ecovillage is located in an area of 50 thousand square meters of Atlantic and Cerrado transition forest. It is blessed with a small stream and a spring.

Our spaces include:

  • Natural swimming pool without chemicals;
  • Official size sand court;
  • Ping pong table;
  • Rest spaces;
  • Trail to the little stream;
  • Playground;
  • Hennery
  • Vegetable garden;
  • Agroforestry and plenty of space for forest bathing;
  • We are Pet Friendly

We are also very close to the city. Supermarkets, bakeries, grocery stores, restaurants, bars, pharmacy, gas station... Everything you need is close to us.

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Ecovila Coração da mata - Piscina Natural
EcoVillaCoracaoDaMata 4
EcoVillaCoracaoDaMata 28

Our differences

Pet Friendly

Prime location

Wi-Fi Gratuito

Water heated by the Sun

Furnished and equipped chalets

Natural swimming pool without chemicals;

Courses and Events

Organic Food

Free Parking

100% Photovoltaic Energy

Free drinking water

Vegetarian/Vegan Cuisine

What our guests say

Very cool, very good place! The accommodations are really cool chalet! Congratulations! I'll be back!


Depoimento no Airbnb

I come to record the delicacy and generosity of my family's reception at the Ecovillage. The picnic basket with everything fresh is the difference. The ecovillage is for those looking for an experience of integration with nature with simplicity and beauty! I strongly recommend.

Vanessa Paula Ponte

Depoimento no Google Travel

Location easy to get to and really close to Belo Horizonte. We were very well received by Belinha and Bárbara was super attentive with all the details of our accommodation. We loved the picnic basket for our breakfast. The chalet is very charming, the bathroom in the white chalet, with its glass ceiling, is sensational. I intend to return many times, because I miss the place!


Depoimento no Booking

Unique place... I've never seen accommodation in this style with attention to every detail and connected with nature... I really liked the blue room🤩 I want to go back to see the other rooms, each one with a wonderful surprise. The service was attentive and very reserved, it felt like we were in a country house of our own. I took my two year old daughter and our dog. Amazing weekend!

Igor Antonio

Depoimento no Google Travel

Location and Contact

Rua Silvestre Quintino 711,
Palhano, Brumadinho,
Minas Gerais – Brasil
CEP 32490206

WhatsApp: +55 31 999311088

Instagram: @ecoracaodamata

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WhatsApp: (31) 99931-1088

Instagram: @ecoracaodamata

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