Ecovila Coração da mata

Our story

The Ecovillage emerged as a need to escape the turmoil of the city and the lack of care for the environment in which we live. It is possible to have a comfortable, healthy life and in harmony with all the beings that surround us.

So, we decided to open this lifestyle to people who are looking for spaces like this, or people who are open to discovering this lifestyle.

There is no greater happiness than taking care of animals and realizing the affection they give you in return, eating food without pesticides and noticing your body thanking you, eating without meat and realizing that it is possible to obtain nutrition and flavor, taking a shower knowing that the water it will be reused to water the plants, turn on the lights knowing that the energy comes from the sun and be able to watch the stars and sleep with the sound of nature lulling you to sleep.

Everyone can live like this, come and find out how.

The Ecovila is not an ordinary inn, it is a life project to be shared! It is a space for nature lovers to connect, rest, learn and share. The goal is to be 100% sustainable and an example of how to live in harmony with the environment.

The chalets are cozy and have a kitchen for those who want to cook using vegetables harvested from the agroecological garden.

If you don't want to cook or want a different experience, ask for the Breakfast Basket, which can be taken anywhere in the Ecovillage or schedule lunch with us.

All our meals are hearty, freshly made, VEGETARIAN and using organic products grown here and in the region.

If you are vegan or have any dietary restrictions, please let us know in advance and we will be happy to adapt our menu for you.

In the evening, we suggest trying some of the many wonderful restaurants around us, or if you prefer to rest and enjoy the chalet, we have meat-free frozen options, such as zucchini lasagna, vegetable pie, chickpea pie with ricotta, pie country cheese, cheese bread among other options that may vary.

The Ecovillage also has a small stream and a spring in the middle of the forest, passing through trails around the 50 thousand square meters in which we are located.

Visit the chicken coop, the vegetable garden and the newly planted agroforest. Work out on the official-sized Beach Tennis and Beach Volleyball court, ping pong table and outdoor gym. Rest in the hammocks, warm up by the fire on cold days and sunbathe and cool off in the natural water pool on hot days.

 The Ecovillage is located on Encosta da Serra da Moeda. This place is blessed and has a little something for everyone.

You can get to know Piedade do Paraopeba and its history, go cycling, walking and motorbike trails in the region, various experiences with Céu de Montanhas, visit Inhotim, the largest open-air museum in the world, have dinner with a view of Topo do World, eat in different restaurants and bars, bathe in waterfalls or simply rest in inns.

Na Ecovila Coração da Mata também oferecemos cursos nas áreas de ecologia, meio-ambiente, autoconhecimento e Yoga. Ainda existe o Espaço das Artes, um centro cultural na Ecovila que recebe apresentações artísticas.

It will be a pleasure to be your hosts!

My name is Bárbara, I am a dancer trained at CEFART – Palácio das Artes and I danced professionally in the contemporary dance collective “Trama” for seven years.

I am a PhD researcher in Biomechanics and I carry out research and training work for dancers in my company “Bastidores – Dança, Pesquisa e Training”. I also research the influence of female hormones on the body and mind and how to deal with them in a more natural way.

Chris (my husband) is a Talent Recruiter and works remotely for a company based in London. In addition, he has a degree in Economics and Environmental Management .

I'm Brazilian and he's Irish, we met on a train traveling between Manchester and London over cheese bread. We already lived on a boat on the canals in London and got married at a distance because of the pandemic.

Chris was already vegetarian while I had already reduced my consumption, since we met I have never eaten meat again. Now, we are building jtogether the Ecovila Coração da Mata and the dream of living in harmony with the environment wrapped in art and based on the philosophy of Yoga.  

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